Drill Box

A parametrized box for drills


Layouts generated:

Settings for Finger Joints

style style of the fingers
surroundingspaces minimal space at the start and end in (multiple of normal spaces)
edge_width space below holes of FingerHoleEdge (multiples of thickness)
extra_length extra material to grind away burn marks (multiples of thickness)
finger width of the fingers (multiples of thickness)
play extra space to allow finger move in and out (multiples of thickness)
space space between fingers (multiples of thickness)
width width of finger holes (multiples of thickness)

Settings for RoundedTriangleEdge

height height above the wall
r_hole radius of hole
radius radius of top corner
outset extend the triangle along the length of the edge (multiples of thickness)

Settings for Stackable Edges

angle inside angle of the feet
height height of the feet (multiples of thickness)
holedistance distance from finger holes to bottom edge (multiples of thickness)
width width of the feet (multiples of thickness)

Settings for Mounting Edge

d_head head diameter of mounting screw in mm
d_shaft shaft diameter of mounting screw in mm
margin minimum space left and right without holes (fraction of the edge length)
num number of mounting holes (integer)
side side of box (not all valid configurations make sense...)
style edge style

Main Settings

top_edge edge type for top edge
sx sections left to right in mm
sy sections back to front in mm
sh sections bottom to top in mm
bottom_edge edge type for bottom edge
holes Number of holes for each size
firsthole Smallest hole
holeincrement increment between holes

Default Settings

thickness thickness of the material in mm
format format of resulting file
tabs width of tabs holding the parts in place in mm (not supported everywhere)
debug print surrounding boxes for some structures
labels label the parts (where available)
reference print reference rectangle with given length in mm (zero to disable)
inner_corners style for inner corners
burn burn correction in mm (bigger values for tighter fit)

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