Mounting Holes and cutouts for all your holy needs.

This will help you create font (and side and top) panels for your boxes that are pre-configured for all the bits and bobs you'd like to install The layout can create several types of holes including rectangles, circles and mounting holes. The default shows an example layout with all currently supported objects. #### `rect x y w h [cr=0] [cx=True] [cy=True]` x: x position y: y position w: width h: height cr: optional, Corner radius, default=0 cx: optional, Center x. the x position denotes the center of the rectangle. accepts t, T, 1, or other true-like values. cy: optional, Center y. the y position denotes the center of the rectangle. #### outline `rect w h` w: width h: height `outline` has a special meaning: You can create multiple panel outlines with one command. This has the effect of making it easy to manage all the holes on all the sides of your boxes. #### circle `circle x y r` x: x position y: y position r: radius #### mountinghole mountinghole x y d_shaft [d_head=0] [angle=0] x: x position y: y position d_shaft: diameter of the shaft part of the mounting hole d_head: optional. diameter of the head angle: optional. angle of the mounting hole #### text `text x y size "some text" [angle=0] [align=bottom|left]` x: x position y: y position size: size, in mm text: text to render. This *must* be in quotation marks angle: angle (in degrees) align: string with combinations of (top|middle|bottom) and (left|center|right), separated by '|'. Default is 'bottom|left' #### nema `nema x y size [screwhole_size=0]` x: x position (center of shaft) y: y position (center of shaft) size: nema size. One of [8, 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, 24, 34, 42] screw: screw size, in mm. Optional. Default=0, which means the default size


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