Joint Panel

Create pieces larger than your laser cutter by joining them with Dove Tails

This can be used to just create a big panel in a smaller laser cutter. But the actual use is to split large parts into multiple smaller pieces. Copy the outline onto the sheet and then use the pieces to cut it into multiple parts that each can fit your laser cutter. Note that each piece must be cut with the sheet surrounding it to ensure the burn correction (aka kerf) is correct. Depending on your vector graphics software you may need to duplicate your part multiple times and then generate the intersection between one copy and each rectangular part. The drawings assume that the laser is cutting in the center of the line and the width of the line represents the material that is cut away. Make sure your changes work the same way and you do not cutting away the kerf. Small dove tails make it easier to fit parts in without problems. Lookout for pieces cut loose where the dove tails meet the edge of the parts. Move your part if necessary to avoid dove tails or details of your part colliding in a weird way. For plywood this method works well with a very stiff press fit. Aim for needing a hammer to join the pieces together. This way they will feel like they have been welder together.


Layouts generated:

Settings for Dove Tail Joints

angle how much should fingers widen (-80 to 80)
depth how far the dove tails stick out of/into the edge (multiples of thickness)
radius radius used on all four corners (multiples of thickness)
size from one middle of a dove tail to another (multiples of thickness)

Main Settings

sx sections left to right in mm
sy sections back to front in mm
separate draw pieces apart so they can be cut to form a large sheet

Default Settings

thickness thickness of the material in mm
format format of resulting file
tabs width of tabs holding the parts in place in mm (not supported everywhere)
debug print surrounding boxes for some structures
labels label the parts (where available)
reference print reference rectangle with given length in mm (zero to disable)
inner_corners style for inner corners
burn burn correction in mm (bigger values for tighter fit)

Online Box generator :: Joint Panel - Create pieces larger than your laser cutter by joining them with Dove Tails